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Hey there new friends!  I am Ronda Wylie.  I started Say Hello Blog in 2014.  I wanted a way to share my adventures and have an outlet for photography.  I have always been a somewhat healthy eater, but recently I’ve had to do some drastic changes in my diet for health reasons.  So now I share healthy recipes that inspire me to eat well.  I love juicing so there will be quite a few fresh juice recipes on the blog, because I am constantly experimenting. 

Best Pina Colada Smoothie

Jesus is my savior and best friend.  He wraps my life up and gives me hope when there is none.  I’ve suffered anxiety and intense jealousy and loneliness but God continues to break those things off my life.  He gives me courage and strength and continues to work through me and for me. I don’t think my blog would be complete without sharing what God is teaching me so I occasionally post some life lessons. 

I believe in having fun, working hard, and relaxing.   I also think sleeping in a hammock is like sleeping in a hug. It’s wonderful. You should have a hammock. I recommend hammock time 20 minutes a day with Jack Johnson (or if you hate him, which for some reason some people do, then try Ingrid Michealson).

A little more about me

I have visited over 10 countries and have plans to visit a few more this year.  I studied Spanish in Costa Rica and Guatemala and believe that the people and the culture are what make traveling so interesting and worth while.  

a little more about me

For Photography I use a Canon 6D and recently purchased an Olympus Pen to use when traveling.  Most of my travel pictures on the site are taken with the Canon 6d but I have been using the Olympus Pen for my food photography. 

a little more about me

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to contact me, comment, or subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a post!  




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    Hi Ronda,

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