28 Things You Can Relate to If You Grew Up in Texas

27 Things You Can Relate to If You Grew Up in Texas

1. You can be anywhere in the world and you are bound to meet a fellow Texan, Texas is BIG.

2. No matter how many times you get made fun of for saying y’all, it is still one of your favorite words.

3. When you were a child, family pictures were taken in a field of blue bonnets.

4. Although Big Tex is shiny and new, you still mourn the original Big Tex.

5. You grew up listening to Garth Brooks and Reba McEntire

6. When stopping at any gas station while on a road trip, you are bound to hear country music blaring on the radio.

7. You grew up playing “who can count the most cows” on family road trips.

8. The most common scenery of any road trip is fields of cows.

9. Whatever little town you grew up in, when your family took a trip to “Houston, Dallas, Austin, or San Antonio” you got really excited. 

10. No matter where you are in Texas, you can usually find several Dairy Queens or BBQ restaurants.

27 Things You Can Relate to If You Grew Up in Texas

11. You know that cowboy boots and rhinestones are considered basics in the world of Texas Fashion.

12. Though big hair should be a thing of the past, it’s still alive and well in most small Texas towns.

13. You can’t hate people that wear wranglers, because that means you would hate half the population of Texas.

14. You may not be a fluent Spanish speaker, but you regularly use words like “gracias, adios, amigos, and hasta luego”.

15. When you are traveling outside of Texas, and you tell people where you are from, you are regularly asked if you drive a truck, ride horses, or wear a cowboy hat.

16. At one point in your life you thought owning a big Chevy truck would be cool.

17. When you are traveling outside of Texas you are frustrated by the lack of Tex Mex Restaurants. 

18. When traveling outside the US your biggest complaint is not enough authentic Mexican restaurants.

19. A real Texas town has at least 5 Tex Mex restaurants.

20. You know what cow chip tossing competitions are.

27 Things You Can Relate to If You Grew Up in Texas

21. You’ve participated in Country Line dancing.

22. The Blue Bell ice-cream recall was a dark period in history and you still shudder when you think about it. 

23. You secretly rejoice every time you visit your local grocery store and find it fully stocked with Blue Bell Rocky Road and Cookies N’ Cream ice cream.

24. You grew up on a street named FM 2352 or FM 1093 or FM “insert four numbers here”.

25. From a very young age your parents dressed you in either maroon or burnt orange t-shirts.

26. You’ve tried most foods fried, including fried Thanksgiving Dinner, fried cookie dough, and fried Oreos.

27.  As a kid one of the things you looked forward to was chasing a pig around with a bunch of other kids at the local rodeo.

28. You have a Momma and a Daddy and a Memaw and a Papa.

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