Filadelfia Coffee Tour, Antigua Guatemala

Filadelfia Coffee Tour | Antigua, Guatemala

The Filadelfia Coffee Tour

After being in Antigua for a month, I finally figured out how to get to the Filadelfia coffee plantation for a coffee tour.   Filadelfia Coffee Plantation is not in Antigua, but close, oh so close.  Don’t let the names of different towns around Antigua fool you (Santa Ana, Jocotenango), it all seems like Antigua to me (though I would probably be frowned at for saying it).  To me it feels like all the little towns outside Antigua are a part of Antigua.  As for Filadelfia Coffee Plantation, it’s considered outside of Antigua, and it is.  But it takes less than 10 minutes to get there (by car), or at least it felt like  less than 10 minutes.  You could easily walk there as well.  So if you are staying in Antigua there really isn’t any excuse not to go to this beautiful plantation.  

Filadelfia Coffee Tour | Antigua, Guatemala

There are three coffee tours during the day.  You get a free ride to the plantation from Antigua and a ride back.  You can’t beat that.  Not only do you get a free ride but you get to ride in this legit coffee farm truck, it feels like you are on a safari, literally, but the best kind of safari, a coffee safari.

You meet at the “las Capuchinas” which is a church located where 2 ave Norte and 2a Calle Pointe cross.  If you’re not sure where that is, jump in any “tuk tuk” and ask to go to las Capuchinas and they will know where to take you.

I went to the afternoon coffee tour, and was told to be at las Capuchinas to be picked up 40 minutes before the tour started.  You can always call and ask what time the tours are and what time you need to be at “las Capuchinas”.  Here is a link to the contact information.

What I Liked and Disliked About the Coffee Tour

I want to be completely honest, I’ve done my share of coffee farm tours, so if this is your first one, you will probably enjoy it.  It’s fun to ride in the truck, it’s interesting to tour the farm, and see all the equipment that is used.  You get a very informative tour in English or Spanish, whatever your preference.  The guide knew his stuff, and I learned a lot. The tour was a little under 2 hours, and though I enjoyed it, I felt that $18 was a little on the high side.    

Filadelfia Coffee Tour | Antigua, Guatemala

During the tour you visit two places to learn about coffee, the nursery where there are young plants a couple months to a year, and then you take the truck to visit the 5 year old plants that produce fruit.   After that you get a tour of the facility where they package and roast the beans.  At the end of the tour, you get a choice of trying 1 espresso or an Americano (espresso plus water).  I think this is where I got a little bit sad.  I felt like for $18 I at least should get a choice of a cappuccino.  This might not be a big deal to some people, because I realize if you really want to taste your coffee, you don’t want milk to ruin it.  I think for the price, there could have been more choices. That’s all I am sayin’. 

Filadelfia Coffee Tour | Antigua, Guatemala

What I Recommend If You Don’t Want to Spend Money on the Tour

I think the best deal is to get the free ride and walk through the plantation yourself.  There is also a restaurant, and you can buy coffee, without paying for the tour.  Now if you know nothing about coffee and this might be your one chance to tour a coffee plantation, I think the tour is worth it for you.  

Filadelfia is also a Resort, a 4 star hotel, and it’s reflected in the price of the rooms. There are other tour options as well, including mountain bike riding, birdwatching, camping, and paintball (yes paintball).  Check out the website here.

Filadelfia Coffee Tour | Antigua, Guatemala

I have a love/hate relationship with coffee.  I am intrigued by the farming and production of coffee and the coffee culture that has swept the world.   I am obsessed with drinking it, but for health reasons I can’t drink more than a cup a week, and try to do less than that.  So even though I can’t drink it as much as I would like to, I will continue seeking out the coffee farms in Guatemala. I hope to do a few more reviews while I am here. I hope you get the chance to go to Filadelfia! 

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Filadelfia Coffee Tour | Antigua, Guatemala

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