Corpus Christi in Antigua, Guatemala

Corpus Christi, A Beautiful Celebration

Corpus Christi in Antigua

Corpus Christi is a Catholic Holiday. At least that is what someone told me in Antigua on the day I got to see this beautiful procession. In preparation for the procession many people throughout the town were outside setting up lovely flower displays on the ground and watering them to keep them from wilting before the parade reached them.

Corpus Christi in Antigua

The celebration comes after Easter Sunday. It was instituted basically as a way to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. If you would like to read more about the Feast of Corpus Christi this is a good article.

Corpus Christi in Antigua

The Catholic Church and Most of the Town in  Antigua Participate in Corpus Christi

In Antigua there is quite a bit of food, and some dishes are especially made for this day. I think one of my favorite parts was the little children dressed up like angels.  So sweet.

Corpus Christi in Antigua

It’s incredible to be here and experience the culture.  The people are respectful of each religious Holiday they participate in.  You can see it in their faces from the procession participants to those setting up the flowers in the streets.  You could feel the connection of the whole town working to pull off this day.  

Corpus Christi in Antigua

I mostly wanted to share how beautiful the town is when they decorate with flowers!  Here are a few more!  

Corpus Christi in Antigua


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Corpus Christi Celebration in Antigua, Guatemala

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