Free Vintage Photoshop Action Set!


Photoshop Actions are Great for the Beginner and the Photoshop Enthusiast

One of my favorite things to do is to use photoshop to create vintage filters for my photos.  I spend hours playing in photoshop to create filters and photoshop actions.  If you are a beginner photoshop enthusiast or love having a toolbox full of photoshop actions these actions are for you!

Free Photoshop Actions

Why I Love Using Photoshop Actions

I love photoshop actions, if you haven’t already figured that out. Using photoshop actions makes every day editing a little bit simpler.  If I need to brighten a photo, for example, I use an action called Brighten that I created by recording what I do to brighten a photo. Then later when I want to brighten a photo, instead of opening up the brighten tool and manually brightening the photo, I just click on actions, then click Brighten.  Photoshop actions are basically a one click for editing.  They make editing life quick and easy.

Free Photoshop Actions

Get a Free Set of Photoshop Actions

What’s included:
2 Vintage Photoshop Actions:
Vintage Fade (Adds a vintage filter with a bit of fade)
Vintage Glow (Adds a vintage filter with a glow)
Bright (brightens your photo with a pop of color)
Very Bright (brightens your photo even more)
Sharpen (sharpens your photo with the Smart Sharpen filter)

Free Photoshop Actions

How to Get Your Free Photoshop Actions

Right now I am offering these actions completely free!   I will be creating free actions for my subscribers in the future as well!  I would love to send them to you!  If you subscribe and for some reason do not download the actions right away, please email me and I will send the actions to you.  As always I am here to help!

Click to download actions: Say Hello Photoshop Actions.atn

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