4 Beautiful Mirrorless Camera Bags


I’ve been on a search for small-ish camera bags/purses for my new mirrorless system.  I would love a bag that I can just take with me on the go that can double as a purse.  I’ve fallen in love with the Bowery by On a. It’s beautiful and comes in three colors.  I’ve settled my heart on the black one.  In my searching for bags there were three others that I thought would be good for a mirrorless system.  The Neppt bag on Amazon is a decent price and a cute bag.  I’ve always loved Jototes and Kelly Moore bags, but their prices are slightly higher than I’ve wanted to pay.  I thought I would include the bags that I’ve drooled over for awhile.  Hopefully I will be able to purchase one this year!

Are there any other camera bag brands that you know of that I could check out?  If you know of any share them with me!  Especially if you think they would be a good size for a mirrorless system.

  1. Bowery by Ona
  2. Collins by Kelly Moore
  3. Georgia-Nautical by Jototes
  4. Neppt Camera Bag on Amazon

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