5 Reasons to Pursue Dancing as an Adult

Ballet Class

*Tune from Adele’s Hello: “Hello!  It’s me, I’ve been practicing ballet three times a week.  Annnnnd I love it, yes I do, I want to be a ballerina, how about you?”

So Today marks one month of my unlimited ballet class pass.  I’ve been striving for five classes a week.  It’s not always ballet, sometimes I take dance conditioning, or contemporary.  I’ve fallen in love with dance, head over heals in love, literally.  I know quite a few other adults who have also fallen in love with it, or maybe they have secretly always been in love with dance.

I’ve thought a lot about why I didn’t pursue dance growing up.  It had to do with a poor body image.  I thought I was fat.  I started at 14, and loved it, but I hated looking at myself in a leotard.  I felt like a faker, like everyone else was a dancer but me.  I felt clumsy and clunky.  So one year of dance and I went back to soccer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love soccer, love playing and watching.  But ballet was a childhood dream, and a dream that I had for only a short amount of time before insecurity came and snatched it away.  I am going to guess I am not the only one who feels the same way.

So here it is, I am claiming that dream again! I know there are tons of reasons you have as an adult to not pursue dance.  I’ll give you mine:

  1. Money:  it’s too expensive
  2. Time: I don’t have time, I am too tired after work
  3. Location: There aren’t any classes near me
  4. Motivation: What level would I even get to? What would be the point? I am too old anyway, I’ll never dance professionally so why try?
  5. Fitness: I look awful, I can barely walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing, and I look like an awkward giraffe when I try to do the splits.

Ok, so I could continue with this list but it would be depressing and my goal is to encourage!!

Here are my reasons why I (and you) SHOULD pursue dancing:

Money: As far as right now I have someone helping me take the unlimited classes.   But I only have one more month of that, and then I will not be able to take the unlimited classes.  Truth is though, I (and you) could give up Starbucks and have enough money to take one class a week.  Don’t think you can do that? There is HOPE in the form of YOUTUBE!  Kathryn Morgan has AMAZING classes online FOR FREE.  You have no excuse to not dance.  And I learn a lot from the studio, but honestly I learn more from Kathryn Morgan (New York City Ballet), because I can pause and rewind if I don’t get something and work on it till I do.

Time:  Are you kidding?   You DO have time, give up netflix for ONE DAY, and you have 45min-3hours of times.  Also if you love something you find the time.  Stop making excuses.

Location:  There is this thing called the internet.  You can pay for private classes online through web video or FaceTime (whatever you call it).  AND Youtube has tons of information and workouts and classes and tips.  Again, check out Kathryn Morgan, you’ll save money and learn from a professional who danced with the New York City Ballet! Or one of my favorite dance conditioning is the Sweaty Betty Ballet bootcamp! It’s awesome!

Motivation: With the internet and social media things have changed.  You don’t need to be a professional to post on the internet and to get excited about telling others what you are doing.  If the internet doesn’t motivate you (which it really isn’t my motivation, though others I believe have found it as a good motivator), then write down some goals!  Mine are to be able to do the splits gracefully!  Imagine how beautiful that would be!  Also I want to be able to lift my leg over my head while in point shoes!  Yes I know that is years down the road, because it requires strength and flexibility, but why not dream and try!?  I am so excited when I think about this I keep going.   Also to one day be able to learn a ballet routine and perform it in front of someone, even if I dance it just for myself.  Dancing feels like flying, need I go on?  You do not have to be a professional to enjoy something, so just stop that thinking right now!

Fitness:  The whole point of pursuing dance is to get in better shape, you don’t have to be in shape to start.  I already feel ten times better after this one month of dance then I have in years.  I feel younger, I am happier, I am excited about something I am doing!  And I look funny doing most of it, but it feels fantastic. I would love to have a toned body one day. I am actually not in horrible shape, but I’ve always wanted to be toned.  Dance is a fabulous work out, and it’s great, because I HATE going to the gym.

Bonus:  I love ballet clothes!  The style is just beautiful. What girl doesn’t love leg warmers and cute skirts?  Need I say more?

I hope you don’t give up on dancing for any negative reasons.  I hope you pursue dance because you love it!



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