Doughnut Vault- Chicago


I am on the way to visit my sister who lives about 3 hours from Chicago. This is my second trip taking the train, and I love it! The easiest way to get to her town is to fly into Chicago-Midway and take the train from Union Station.  It’s now a tradition for me to make sure I have a few hours between the plane and the train so I can discover a little of Chicago at a time.  This time it was Doughnut Vault.  They serve old fashioned donuts in Chocolate, Coconut, Lemon, Buttermilk, and Almond.  I bought three, I couldn’t help it.  The coconut was delicious but  a little sweet for me, the Buttermilk was perfect.  If you find yourself near Union Station it’s about a ten minute walk, not far at all.



Seriously though, the buttermilk! Mmmmm!!!  I have already devoured it but I am thinking I might need to make another stop on my way back.  What I also loved about it was the hidden location, I mean, it’s not really hidden, but it’s tucked away inside a building, which I don’t the name of.  I loved the atmosphere and the little vintage chairs, the fresh smell of brewed coffee, and the free wifi.   Yes, I will be back Doughnut Vault!  I will!


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