Marie’s House Brugge, Belgium

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My favorite part of traveling is exploring and discovering.  Hands down my favorite place we discovered while traveling Europe as far as atmosphere was Marie’s House.  I had been craving a real authentic Belgian Waffle.

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I absolutely loved the inside of Marie’s House.  Who doesn’t love a little bit of vintage and quaintness? But on a lovely day, you don’t sit inside, you sit outside. I am not gonna lie, the garden in the back was the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Belgian waffles and Belgian beer? Yes please!

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If you get the chance to visit Brugge, you have to have a lazy afternoon at Marie’s House.  Also try the chocolate tea. I am not sure beer, waffles, and tea mix. But if you have the tea with the waffle, then have a beer for desert, it sort of works perfectly!

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