Bicycling in Brugge, Belgium

bruggeB04 copy copy

I know I have done 2 posts on Brugge already. I only got to spend a day there, but by far it was one of my favorites (right up there with Amsterdam). This little town has so much charm.  I could see myself spending a whole lazy week there, riding my bicycle around, eating waffles in the afternoon at little cafes. It’s a great town with great food, beer, quiet little streets.

You do not have to be a cycling expert to bicycle through the town.  It’s just perfect for everyone and no need to stress.   I definitely think those visiting Europe should not miss this town.  That being said I’ll let the photos say the rest.

bruggeB01 copy

Look how much fun I am having. :)

bruggeB02 copy

bruggeB03 copy

bruggeB09 copy

bruggeB10 copy

bruggeB11 copy



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