A Little Bit of Brussels

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I have a secret obsession, well, I guess it’s not really a secret, except that no one really knows about it but me, and if you keep on reading you as well. I love Bloglovin’. I do! I read it everyday, I love seeing what random strangers around the world are up to in the blogosphere. So on my New Years day, I am bringing in 2015 by stalking all those beautiful blogs, like Dust Jacket, the Fresh Exchange, and Love and Lemons.  What am I looking for? Honestly I am reading to be inspired. I love looking at other lives and taking a little bit of what they’ve learned and applying it to my own life. It makes me feel alive.  Maybe that is silly, that random strangers can be a part of your life in some way, small that it is.  But reading about people and their lives, whether it’s they have finally found that one recipe that works, or they went on a trip that changed their life, or they just woke up and beautifully photographed their morning routine, it is inspiring. It is because we are all human, and we are all looking for something in someone else that says, hey, you can do this!  You can wake up and be content, you may have a crazy schedule, an overwhelming job, or you may be up against all odds, but I am the same and my life is ok.

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So this summer I traveled to Europe.  This is a small snap shot of Brussels and the great time we had.  It took some guts to get up and go to Europe, because I hadn’t planned to travel with anyone and had no plans.   But it worked out so that I was actually never alone on my traveling solo.  I am not sure what I was thinking when I planned for 6 weeks of travel.  If I had thought too much about how expensive it would be, I might not have gone.  I was filled with a lot of what ifs, and how long will I be paying for this trip?  But it happened! I am glad it did because the experience was worth it all. So when in doubt, just go.  It will be worth it, you will have a life time experience, and it’s just money. Money you can get back…but you can’t buy back time.  So make it count friends. Here’s to not playing it safe in 2015 and taking even more chances! Happy New Year!

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