5 Reasons I Want to Move to Brugge, Belgium


Come with me, to one of the most perfect towns in Europe.  You will see what you expect to see, tiny streets, quaint cafes, horse drawn carriages, and pedestrians who don’t seem to worry about how fast they get anywhere.  I only visited the small Europe town for a day, but I want to tell you why you should visit for more than a day, and maybe even for a longer stay!

1.  You can ride your bike everywhere.

brugge18 copy

One thing I loved about Amsterdam was the ability to only need a bicycle to travel around and see all of the city.  Brugge may not have the bike lanes that Amsterdam had, but Brugge is an old school town with a lot less people.  You can bicycle away, and with little traffic there is not any stress.  I think that is a dream of mine, to one day live in a town where I can ride a bike anywhere.

2. They have amazing waffles.

brugge19 copy

Need I say more?

3. The town is built around some the most beautiful canals in Europe.

brugge3 copy brugge4 copy

brugge7 copy brugge8 copy

brugge9 copy

4. I kid you not, I would move to Brugge for this dog, he looks happy.

brugge11 copy brugge12 copy

brugge13 copy

5. There are swans. Austin, Texas is represented well.

brugge15 copy brugge16 copy

brugge17 copy

Ok, so maybe that is not enough to go on to move there, but hopefully it’s enough to get you there for more than a day. I enjoyed it.

brugge10 copy

Oh, PS. There is a beer wall.

brugge5 copy

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