That Little Coffee Shop in Florence


Ok, it’s no secret that I love coffee shops. I love the atmosphere, the happy people, and the smell of coffee. I could sit in a coffee shop all day, and I have before.  Though there are plenty of unique coffee shops I encounter while traveling, there is probably non as cute as the one I visited in Florence.   If you are in Florence, and you can stop by for me please do!  Have some tea, sit by the robot lamp, and read a nice book. Be sure to do some people watching, that was one of my favorite parts, the tiny streets are full of interesting passerby’s and their furry companions.

IMG_4105 copy



IMG_4119 copy


IMG_4123 copy

IMG_4104 copy

IMG_4121 copy

As you can tell from where I was sitting, I did quite a bit of people watching. I even snuck in a photo of the cute dog that came in and said hello, before following his lady right back out the door.  I am sure he was thinking “Hey! What about me?” as most dogs think at least 20 times a day.

IMG_4122 copy

This was absolutely my favorite coffee shop in Italy. I hope I go back one day.

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