Art and Wine Night


Some nights you need to stay in.  To be honest, teaching leaves me feeling like most nights I need to stay in.  I love to go out occasionally, but most nights I actually end up on the couch.  Friday nights are the nights I crash, and if I decide to go out, I leave Saturdays open for that.  This past Friday was no different, I was exhausted from the week, but it just didn’t seem right to do my normal thing of crashing with Psych and a pint of Coconut Ice Cream (which sometimes I turn into a coconut shake, I will post the recipe soon!).  I was of course tired, but I wanted to break out of the routine.  Luckily I have an amazing friend who felt the same way.  She came over and we went through my craft shelves.  Pretty soon we were half way through a bottle of wine, 90’s alternative (aka the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack) while surrounded by an assortment of colored pencils, markers, and stamps.  I have to be honest, this may have been my favorite evening this year, it was so nice to relax and be creative while sharing the evening with a good friend.  This I will have to do more often!

Here are a few photos from the evening.  I even got creative with my hole puncher and added a bit of ribbon to one of my planters.




Next time you have some free time and are tempted to just chill on the couch, get some wine, turn the music up and raid your craft closet and I promise you will be more relaxed than if you stayed on the couch.

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