Vitamins and a Chicken



I’ve started this post 3 times now and somehow have managed to lose each post. So hopefully this post I don’t lose and have to start over again. The other day my mom gave me a chicken. I’ve never cooked a whole chicken before. I am excited to try. I am so excited that I put it in the crock pot this evening and I am going to wake up at 4am to check and see if its done.

I cut up garlic, onion, lemons and put them in first. Then I added the chicken and drizzled with olive oil. After that I added more lemons, garlic, and then sprinkled black pepper, everyday seasoning from Trader Joes, and some ginger root (why the heck not?).



On a completely different subject. I decided that I need help growing my hair out so I picked up some vitamins at Whole Foods. I love the Prenatal gummy ones!! I hate swallowing round tiny hard objects, so the less of those the better. Whole foods didn’t have a hair and nails formula in a gummy form, otherwise I would have tried it instead. This is my 8th post out of 30 posts in 30 days. 22 more to go!


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