The Single Life


Today my smoke alarm started randomly beeping, screaming to let me know its time to change the battery.  Only thing is the ceilings in my loft are 10 ft high, I had to stand on the counter and put a stool on top of the counter just to almost reach the alarm.  Dangerous?  Shows how crazy a little continuous somewhat loud beep can make you.  The office to my complex is closed, and roads are too bad outside to ask a friend to come.  So I thought I would have to pull a spider man and literally climb the wall.  Luckily I texted a neighbor who had a ladder for me to use.  Yay! I didn’t kill myself by falling off the kitchen counter and my smoke alarm is now battery-less.

One thing from living alone is, I’ve become more confident in myself.  But more importantly, I’ve learned to ask others for help.  I’ve never been good at asking for help, I like doing things for myself.  I am the girl who has a hard time with letting a guy carry something for her.  Anyways, here’s to learning new things about myself, allowing others to help out, and to admitting I can’t do it by myself all the time.

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