Simple Day


I was recently in a car wreck.  The whole experience was a little like a dream, everything slowed down and I could think clearly. As soon as I got through it though, I became a little foggy as if I was in a trance.  I’ve been a little weird since it happened, but getting back to normal now. Anyway, I am not really blogging about the wreck.  But because of it, I had to take a couple days off from teaching to rest and go to the doctor.  My car is in the shop, hopefully it will be fixed.  So even though I am in my 30s now, my mom came up to help me.  She is so sweet.  She took me out to eat at Odd Fellows on this beautiful day.   We had some time sitting in the sun. Now it’s evening and the house smells like turkey and tacos.  She is making taco soup.  We are listening to Simon and Garfunkel.  It’s pretty perfect.


IMG_8464 IMG_8465 IMG_8463

So today it was great to slow down and I even took a couple photos.  I was inspired to do a photography challenge, I am setting a goal for 30 photos in 30 days.  My photo for today is a squirrel I saw out in my front yard. My mom was with me when i took it and it inspired her to tell me about my neighbor and his ferocious squirrel. Apparently the neighbor was attacked by a squirrel because there wasn’t any food in the squirrel feeder.  After being attacked by the squirrel and getting a rabies shot, the neighbor got rid of the squirrel feeder. I thought the story was completely comical, but its completely true as well.   Here is my little ferocious fur ball.


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