JuneBug and Tea


My 30 photos in 30 days may just turn into 30 posts in 30 days. I am going to challenge myself to post every day for 30 days. So I guess this is day 2. It’s already dark so I decided to take a photo inside. My little dog June Bug is always ready to be in a photo.

My mom is helping me after my car wreck. So this evening we are watching some netflix and drinking tea. Lately I’ve really been enjoying mixing my chamomile tea with echinecea tea. Drinking tea while reading or watching something in the evening is my idea of perfection. I love how calming it is, although I don’t love the high pitched whistle the tea kettle makes, there is nothing calming about it. I don’t liked to be yelled at to hurry up and make tea already. They need to invent a tea kettle that dings when done, I guess that would be called a microwave. Even so, I love my tea kettle, regardless of its rude way of letting me know it’s about to boil over.




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