Bath Time for Pooch


“No no no, I was afraid you were doing this again, you’re not going to put me in there?!!”

I like to imagine my dogs having little voices.  Surely I am not the only pet owner who does this.  Many of my friends make fun of June bug because his eyes seem to bulge right out of his head most of the time, which kind of makes it seem he is either anxious or excited about everything. He is a funny little dog, and gets into a lot of trouble, mostly because he is not so smart.  But what I love about him is he is no fuss.  He doesn’t wine.  He wants to do the right thing, and he loves to cuddle.

Both Holiday and June Bug are socially awkward, in the worst way, and only with other dogs.  They are great around people but can’t quite seem to chill out when there is another dog around.  So this makes taking them for walks or to the dog parks quite frustrating for me.  June Bug wants to attack other dogs, Holiday could care less but seems to side with June Bug on which dogs to trust and which dogs not to trust, even if that dog is a cute little schnauzer puppy.

The other day at the dog park they reacted very poorly to a man and his little schnauzer puppy. She had two tiny pink ribbons in her hair, a pink collar, and looked like she stepped out of “Dazzlin Pouch” Magazine.  I am quite sure she had just come from the puppy salon, looking all fresh and fluffy.  I guess June Bug doesn’t put up with fluffy because he tried to eat her face.  Poor little schnauzer squealed when he attacked her.  Needless to say the owner and schnauzer did not stay long at the park.  I could see her relief as she pranced away, her feelings hurt that another dog didn’t like her.

I wish there was a way to make dogs apologize for bad behavior. June Bug would have a long list of apologies to make.

On another note, I am doing my best to meet my goal of 30 posts in 30 days, I am seriously hoping I write more interesting things, but I had nearly forgotten about the goal tonight and at 11:22 I am just making that deadline I set for myself.  So a post about my puppies was all I could come up with at this point.  Have a wonderful evening and a fabulous weekend!

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