Whistler, BC


My ventures usually take me somewhere warm, with waves near by or volcanos.  Mostly because I’ve spent the last 10 years learning Spanish.  So in-between working as a Bilingual Elementary teacher, I try to travel to Central America to brush up on Spanish and hit the beach, climb a volcano, or just be near some monkeys (yes, monkeys).  Last summer was a little different.  I wanted cooler.  The summers in Texas have been extremely hot, and I am pretty sure my body temperature decided to go somewhere to escape all heat.

My mother and I headed to Vancouver. (She even stayed in a hostel with me! But that is a whole other post). I had been to Vancouver before and it’s a unique city.  It has a vibrant, but laid back “hipster meets big city” vibe. The boutiques and coffee are worth the visit alone!  Vancouver though isn’t the focus of this blog. While in Vancouver I looked up places nearby where we could go hiking. Whistler you can get to by train or take the scenic car route. We opted for scenic and it didn’t disappoint. Though it was a three hour drive from Vancouver it was worth it.  People there call it the “Sea to Sky” drive.  You travel along the sea and then the blue/green water landscape blends into a ghostly grey and white backdrop of mountains with an abundance of lovely green trees.

Once in Whistler we took a gondola ride up the mountain (that somehow I convinced my mother to ride with me). The ride and the hiking were both equally breathtaking.Image


And this is my beautiful mother, who doesn’t look a day over 40, seriously, she gets younger every time I see her.  It must be her crazy daughter dragging her off to other countries that keeps her so young. I won’t tell you how old she is. It’s a secret.


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