Gettin’ Healthy

While many people started out the new year upping their gym attendance or starting a juicing habit, or just getting back to work after the holidays, I spent a week being sick.  I don’t think there is anything relaxing about being sick even if you do get a few more days off after the holidays.  I did however spend a lot of days relaxing, doing nothing and finishing Hart of Dixie, both seasons.

My sick days were spent mostly not eating, and then when I was finally able to eat it was very bland, rice and potatoes.  I think that is why I got so excited about a favorite healthy breakfast that I have forgotten about for the last year or so.


I first saw this breakfast/snack in a magazine. I want to say it was Domino magazine, but I can’t remember as I’ve lost the magazine that had the article and recipe. Though I’ve googled it several times I can’t find it.  So I don’t take credit for it, but it is worth a try!!  And it is healthy!


 If you want to use Manna bread they have several kinds to choose from at Whole Foods. My favorite is the cinnamon kind.  I don’t remember what it is called, they didn’t have it my last trip to Whole Foods.  I did however get the carrot raisin this time and it is delicious.  Manna bread is sort of a sweet dessert bread and super healthy.  Its sprouted grain and not cooked above a certain temperature.  It goes well with the almond butter, banana avocado spread and blueberries (fresh are best but I used frozen this time).

Manna Bread Almond Butter Breakfast

manna bread

1 banana

1/2 an avocado

almond butter

blue berries


Put the banana and avocado in the blender (I added a little yogurt for some good acidophilus).  Blend till it is creamy.  Spread the almond butter on the mana bread then add a generous amount of avocado/banana spread on top.  Top with blue berries.   Yum!!!

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