Monkeys and Potato Chips



Costa Rica is like my home away from home. I have a special place for it in my heart. It was the first country I visited outside the US that I began learning Spanish. It was also my first time surfing, and eating yucca and fried plantains. I also developed a taste for coffee in Costa Rica. My home mom would make it every morning, as well as cut up a papaya (which I still dislike, but occasionally eat anyway, determined to develop a taste for it).
(break for a monkey picture)


I have visited Costa Rica quite a few times over the previous years. One of my favorite places is Manuel Antonio. The beaches there are probably some of the best in Central America. I love walking through the small rain forest and trying to spot a few different types of monkeys, iguanas, and sloths. I am not happy with how many tourists now visit, it used to be more natural and less of a park. But I am sure the interest is good for the locals.

The last trip there the monkeys had become really friendly. They even stole a bag of potato chips! This little guy snatched it right out of a man’s hands. But he shared with the rest of the monkeys.

The following photos are from Costa Rica as well, but for some reason I can’t remember the name of the place, and I am too lazy to look at the map. But it was a small town by the ocean, and we stopped there only for a night on our way to….now that name I can’t remember either. Sheesh. Anyway, there was this really disgusting desert, I don’t know what it was called, ha, yet again. But if you ever go to the place that I don’t the name of, and you happen to see something that looks like the photo below…DON”T EAT IT!!! There are pictures of it everywhere, so we thought it must be delicious. It isn’t.

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