Bowlounge-Design Destrict


It seems that lately I have been finding more and more great, no AMAZING places in Dallas. It’s true!  I recently went to a friend’s birthday party at Bowlounge.  It’s hidden off of Riverfront and Turtle Creek in the design district.  The design district is a place I have started going to more and more as I’ve lived longer in Dallas, and it seems it will continue to be on my list of places to go for awhile. Especially with this Bowling Alley. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect, or if there would be people there on a Sunday afternoon when it was gorgeous outside and most people were at the park.  But actually it was quite busy!  What I loved about it was the openness, the outside air coming in from the open doors, and of course the brick walls.

The last time I was in New York I seemed to notice a trend with great places, if they were cool they usually had wood or stained concrete, mismatched vintage furniture, and brick walls.  So Yes, I am a fan of brick walls…and bowling!!!bowlounge06

Inside you will find a full bar and the wonderful Twisted Root restaurant.  If you’ve been to Dallas and haven’t been to Twisted Root then I don’t have much to say to you but GO!!  If you like burgers(great burgers) from elk to buffalo, then you need to get over to Twisted Root!! Hop in your car or on your scooter, moped, horse, rabbit, or bicycle!  Just go!!  I wouldn’t suggest the DART…it won’t get you there fast enough (though I do love the dart, when I am not in a hurry).



If you just want to hang out and eat you can, but I suggest you bowl as well. Because after all, you just might get a strike!!!  Which is a wonderful feeling, especially after a cold drink (or two).   What I loved is all the seating and large tables by the bowling alleys.  I remember bowling as a kid and never having space to sit down because it was so crowded.  There are plenty of seats for the whole party and a place to eat as well while you bowl.  Below is my beautiful friend Mara.  She had a birthday.  She is loved!  And if you keep scrolling down you will see my friend Ronald and I having a laugh. The camera focused on our hands so our faces are a bit blurry, but as you can see by our smiles, all you need is the Bowlounge, and you can be happy and have friends too!!!





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